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Online survey

User testing

Data analysis






Ankita Arvind

Byung Cheol Min

Ermine Teves



MY ROLE (so far)


Designing & implementing survey

Survey analysis

Gathering insights to inform the study

User testing

User test data analysis





Team Project


4 months (ongoing)

Professor : Bernardine Dias

Dept : CMU Robotics




Integrated Product Development

Assistive Robots 

A research project on Assistive Robots for Visually Impaired Travelers

"Exploring meaningful human-robot interaction (HRI) in the context of assistive robots for visually impaired travelers"


This is an NSF sponsored research project is being conducted by TechBridgeWorld, a reseach group in the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. 


Advised by TechBridgeWorld Founder and Director M. Bernardine Dias, and mentored by TechBridgeWorld Project Manager Ermine Teves and Postdoctoral Fellow Byung-Cheol Min, I conducted user research for a research project coined 'Assistive Robots for Visually Impaired Travelers'. My tasks included designing and implementing an online needs assessment survey and getting hands-on experience with conducting user studies. Insights generated from analysis of these tasks will be used to inform further research and development in this space of Human-Robot Interaction.


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