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r/ga's internal portfolio site

R/GA's rebranding involved not only external facing experiences but also aimed at enhancing our internal capabilities and experiences.  SkillCloud is an internal portfolio site to help the Global R/GA community get connected with each other, find and showcase talent.

the challenge: 

Newcomers want a way to showcase their skills across the company and leadership/management want to find the right people for the right projects. Before we came up with SkillCloud, this used to happen through word of mouth and it was the job of the resource managers to find the right people for the right roles. As R/GA grew in size, there needed to be a tool than enabled resource managers, leadership and newcomers to discover people in a simple way, regardless of their location.

My Role

As one of the three UX designers on the team, my role was to define the overall UX strategy of the website (map our the use cases, journey etc) and also simplify one of the biggest challenges of the site which was the Search and Tagging system.

discover work & people

Profile page


audience needs

research interview

use cases


We wanted SkillCloud to be completely searchable and this meant that we create a robust tagging system that would allow users to search by person, capability, skill, client or project type. Below are a few UX iterations we tested out before we selected the final design.


Below is the final design of the tagging system, optimized for searchability and filtering.

Final design

Final design

Clean. Simple. On Brand.

design of search

Initial iteration

Initial Iteration - Search was deemed the most important feature of the website since the main goal was to find people based on skills or capabilities.

Final Design

Final Design - After user testing, we changed the homepage to have the 'featured work' take center stage and keep search on the top bar to align with the rest of the page designs.


R/GA was featured on multiple digital magazines for the physical and digital re-branding. Additionally our new 'collections' feature got good traction with website viewers and prospective clients.

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