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I'm a UX designer at Google working in the intersection of cutting-edge tech, inclusivity and business.

I'm currently based in Bangalore.

I've had varied and wonderful experiences working at frog design in Bangalore and Idea Couture and R/GA while I was living in New York.

Feel free to look around and reach out!

- Ankita.

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An alumnus of Carnegie Mellon's Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services program, my view of the world of digital and physical products is holistic and factors into account entire service systems as opposed to a single customer experience.

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I'm a proud advocate of people with Down Syndrome and any type of learning disabilties. Through my experiences, I've come to realize that Inclusive Design is my calling.

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Designing with an Inclusive Lens

Inclusive design means so many different things to different people. Where do we start? How do we think about it?


I've written an article for CMU Innovation around this topic.

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Inclusive Toilets

Are public toilets designed with inclusion in mind? I've written about some of my brother's experiences around exclusion and how we can start to think about this topic systematically.

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