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rebranding r/ga's public website

In my time at R/GA, the company was going through a re-branding exercise, something that happens every 9 years at R/GA in order to stay relevant with the times. I had the opportunity to shape the digital user experience to work with the new brand look & feel. ​Of course the design changed drastically over time, and you can see the current version here:

My Role

As one of the UX designers on the team, I was responsible the UX design of certain portions of the website including navigation, search and introducing a new feature 'collections'. The new re-branded website was aimed at changing the R/GA website from a text-heavy experience into a visually striking one and intuitive one. We took a modular approach to the design, which is explained in the following sections and prototypes.

the challenge: 

The new re-branded website was aimed at changing the R/GA website from a text-heavy experience into a custamizable, curated & visually striking one. 


The website went live by the end of 2015 and R/GA was featured on multiple digital magazines for the physical and digital re-branding. Additionally our new 'collections' feature got good traction with website viewers and prospective clients.


This modular and flexible solution has enabled fast and efficient replication of content and updates for local markets, personalization for contextually relevant content and offers, plus enhanced analytic capabilities to optimize the experience.


Before logging in       

r/ga news

about r/ga

latest work





cover work

This main feature will change every week/month and could be news or new projects.

This section will feature what's new at R/GA and expand on the main feature.

Recent projects that have been completed and are in market will be featured here.

This will feature R/GA capabilities - Branding, Experience Design, Visual Design, etc.

All R/GA office locations will be listed in this section.

R/GA's clients including start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

This section talks about R/GA's every 9 year transformation and the company culture.

Page reconfiguration [Left]

An experimental prototype to test a feature that would reconfigure the homepage based on the purpose with which a user lands on the website.

Partner with R/GA would be catered towards potential clients, highlighting best work and capabilities and locations.

Learn about R/GA would be catered towards people new to the agency industry and would highlight the creative culture, capabilities, locations and work.

Work at R/GA would be catered towards potential employees, highlighting work, capabilities and job postings.



New Design

Modular page structure focuses on re-suable components that make up the page.

Previous Design

Template - Pre-defined page structures which focus on the page as a whole.



In order to enable faster and more intuitive search, we designed it to auto-complete, similar to most search sites today & we also added a method to filter results. Users often get overwhelmed with search as some projects they look for may be embedded deep within the site. Filtering will hepl them find these embedded projects more easily. 

Search results are dynamic - as the user types in the search bar, the page will ajax with relevant results.



Similar / Relevant pages


All search results can be filtered using this feature


Predictive search

new feature: 'collection'

We introduced a new feature which was requested for by multiple teams - the ability to 'save' projects as a user goes through the site. May times our clients come in with ideas in their head and refer to previous R/GA projects they have seen on the website and we wanted to streamline this process for them and give them the ability to 'collect' interesting news or work as they browse the website and save it as a presentation which they can then share with us as they explain their idea.

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