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photoshop reimagined

a human computer interaction project

the challenge: 

Photoshop has a deep learning curve the way it is currently designed. This project was aimed at creating a simple and intuitive user interface for Photoshop which would enable beginners to navigate the software easily, without the need for external help or training.The main goal was that people who are adept at Photoshop should be able to use the wide range of tools offered by the program but this should not serve as a hindrance for new users. 

My Role

This was an individual project done at my time in Carnegie Mellon University. Through the process of secondary research and contextual inquiry, I gathered interesting insights and found patterns that I then translated into design concepts.




contextual inquiry

This I watched and recorded a beginner (who has not used Photoshop before) complete a set of tasks that were involved in creating a christmas card. As a direct interpretation of this session, I create a task flow and social model (see below).

Analysis of User Experience

This I analyzed buttons that were used to complete the tasks (necessary and unnecessary) and noted the hindrances, interruptions and inconsistencies which disrupted the user experience. 



new design

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